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Monday, July 07, 2008

Primarily, I made this blog for the sole purpose of using it at my job. Most of the time I work under pressure and I basically need to move and find things fast. I consume "multi-tasking" for breakfast. (lol)

With my bookmarks at home I know where to go and where to search the things I need. But at work, for security purposes as well, I prefer to disable the history and cookies of my browser. What would be more convenient than to have one page where all the stuff I need will be accessible?

So what's the Solution? If there is only a free personalized search engine which does not care about competition! Thus, the S.O.S. is born.

UPDATE: Search S.O.S. is now open for public! Anyone can use this and save it as their homepage. Click here to make S.O.S. your default homepage

What you can find here: (These search tools are conveniently found on every page)

+ Google search - The most convenient search engine ever invented! (ha)
+ search - This is a great add-on or alternative to Google if you really can't find what you need. And based on experience, I have found quite a number of sites not crawled by Google, although on regular searches it's not as extensive. This is also great for those searches you wouldn't like to be stored in your browser's search history.
+ ~ search Amazon on great deals.
+ Online Reference ~ Dictionary and Thesaurus rolled into one search tool
+ Wikipedia ~ search the most extensive open source encyclopedia.
+ Webopedia ~ search all the techie terms here. This is "The" computer dictionary and encyclopedia of geekdom.

Helpful Conversions:

+ Clocks of America: Different time zones [link] ~ compare the clock on all timezones of the United States of America. No need to click through page per page.
+ Binary to Text Converter [link] ~ something fun to use for those who prefer to send hidden messages. It's soooo techie kinky!
+ Free Currency Conversion [link] ~ Quickly convert money currencies from around the world.
+ Liquid - Metric to Non-Metric Conversion [link] ~ Who says Math is only used at school? Convert all measurements here with just one click.

More to come soon!

For Suggestions and private comments, (remember spam is good only when cooked!) please send them to atomicvelvetsigh(at)ya hoo(dot)com


posted by the webmistress at 4:26 AM  


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